Thiossane, official video clip from new album, Teranga

My new album, Teranga, will be released on January 18th. Until then, here is the first clip from the album, Thiossane (Euleuk Vision Prod.). Thiossane is tradition, culture and customs… This title is an invitation, an invitation to discover a different culture, an invitation to travel, meet and share as in the beautiful Senegalese tradition: the legendary Teranga. Teranga, hospitality, is in Senegal an essential value preciously preserved and transmitted from generation to generation.” kaay ñeuweul setsi ma “: come on, come and see me,” says the song,”with a generous friendship and drunkenness.

I hope you like the clip. Don’t hesitate to share it. And I’ll see you soon for the TerangTour Europe which starts at the end of January 2018!

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