1. BENN 1:18
  2. MBEGGEL Herve SAMB 1:25
  3. 3 DANCE WITH ME 1:07
  4. 4 AFROTOPIA 1:07
The guitarist Herve Samb presents BENN his first solo album
Benn is a Wolof word meaning “One”. “One” like the soloist who assumes to deliver himself in his name. “One” like the fundamental unity through which the equality of all is experienced. “One” like the nature that men share. “One” like the center of a circle towards which converge the various influences that have nourished and strengthened this international musician. In a very personal way, he reaffirms in music his attachment to some essential values. Beyond its absolute unity, this project is the result of various mixes proudly claimed. Here, as if the magician’s ten fingers had the power to transform it into a balafon or a kora, his guitar adopts the timbre and inflections of traditional African music.Herve Samb presents with BENN a mirror of himself. An inhabited composer, a magnificent interpreter, he excels at unifying a rhythmic approach based on riffs and ostinatos, art of accompaniment where each chord is in its place, and a melodic gift where jazz phrasing rubs shoulders with the accents of his native Africa.
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Benn – 2021

Release Date : 30 avril 2021
Artist : Herve Samb
Format : CD

All guitars and compositions by Herve SAMB
Produced by Herve Samb and Julien Birot
Executif Production : Euleuk Vision
Recorded in June 2020 at Studio Honorine
Mixed and Mastered by Julien Birot
Photo : Marianne BP & Guillaume Saix
Artwork : Guillaume Saix